Finally got into TextFugu again... Summer holidays make you lazy, especially if you're a master of procrastination...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


So, I'll start by introducing myself... I'm a lazy Austrian-Danish geek who's in love with Japanese culture. I'm 17, and haven't had a chance to go there, so I guess it could be called an unrequited love... Well, I'm a soon-to-be second year HTX student (that's a kind of High School here in Denmark, for you English-speakers). My hobbies include gaming, watching anime, surfing the internet, drawing... So yeah, I'm your average geek. Last, but not least, I'm a member of Bujinkan.

Well, let's get on with the topic at hand: This blog was formed as a response to TextFugu, that's a Japanese online textbook for self-learners like me, made by Koichi from Tofugu. I'm a master of procrastination, and as such, this might help me stay motivated for learning more.

Then there's the blog's name, in case anyone wonders about it. It's a combination of the Japanese words "kanpeki" (完璧 - かんぺき) -- meaning perfect -- and "jan" (じゃん) -- meaning "isn't it". Perfect, isn't it?! (I'm being sarcastic here, as you can see in the blogs description)

And then there's the thing about how far I've come with studying Japanese. I'd still call myself somewhat of a beginner, but I've studied for a while now. I have a basic vocabulary, I know most basic grammar and I know hiragana.

Oh, and then there's the face on my banner. It's kind of my variation of "Henohenomoheji" (へのへのもへじ). I call it: "henohekoshikoheji" (へのへこしこへじ). Look carefully and you'll find all these hiragana in that face.

So yeah, this blog will mainly contain my experience of learning Japanese, maybe some tips and tricks that I may come across and other Japan-related stuff once in a while.

宜しくお願いします (Yes, I copied that one from Denshi Jisho, I know next to no kanji...)

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